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Conference Presentations

CSTA 2018
High School Cyber Security Curriculum

NETA 2018
25 CS Tips in 50 Minutes
Microcontrollers in CS

NETA 2015 – Algorithmic Thinking

NETA 2016 – Computer Science Tools
Computer Science Tools Presentation

CSTA – Omaha CS Ed Camp 2016
Conference Notes Google Drive

Standards & Curriculum Writing

High School Cyber Security Curriculum – DO Space Fellowship

K-12 CS Framework – Writer

Nebraska State Standards for Computer Science
NDE Business, Management, & Info Tech

Codio Curriculum Writing –
Codio CSTA Curriculum

Guest Blog Posts

Project Lead the Way Computer Science – Everyone’s a Maker

CSTA Board Nominees – Teaching in a Growing Field


Computing on the Silicone Prairie (SIGCSE, 2105)

Socratic Seminar in Computer Science (Unpublished)

Computer Science Projects


This is an artificial intelligence program used in my AP Computer Science classes.  The students create an AI for playing Tic-Tac-Toe and are able to compete against human and computer opponents.

The programming focus is on one-dimensional arrays and logic statements.


Connect Four:

Another artificial intelligence project used in AP Computer Science.  This program allows users to create an AI player for the game of Connect Four.

The programming focus is on two-dimensional arrays, logic and strategy in turn-based games.


Steganography Project:

This is a java project to explore Steganography, a method of hiding messages in image files.  The lesson walks through several stages of discussing, exploring, and understanding steganography.

Picture Edit – This is a java class that allows students easy access to pixel-level data of an image.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Project:

This is a java project where students take an image of a scoreboard from a sport game (basketball, football, etc.) and “read” the numbers displayed on the 7-segment displays.  The end goal is to teach about OCR and how computers “see” images and what needs to be done to convert the pixel data to characters or numbers that can be manipulated.

Score Maker – This java class allows access to image data and allows students to create and test their OCR algorithms.