Hey! I am a computer science teacher in Omaha Nebraska.  I am passionate about CS education and believe that computer science is a subject we need to teach to all students as a 21st century literacy, not just an elective for those who choose it.  I think that CS is a gateway to so many careers and that computer science, much like art or music, empower’s students by allowing them to create.

I have taught since 2005 and in that time have taught a wide range of math and computer courses including:

  • Computer Service Repair (A+ Certification Prep Course)
  • Intro to Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science
  • Computer Science Principles
    • Taught both at high school and at the University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Intro to Engineering Design (PLTW)
  • Cyber Security
  • Engineering Development and Design – Senior Capstone (PLTW)

I am always looking to adapt my classes to be more engaging for a wide variety of students and look forward to new ideas and new ways of teaching CS.

Finally, I have two children who are amazing.  I am an urban design nerd, bike, beer, podcast enthusiast and am generally up for adventure.  I hope that I can make a difference in CS education, raise wonderful human beings, and help make my neighborhood and city a better place to live.